What you will learn from Griffin

  • Basic Understanding

    What is software development? Why do you need a software developer? With this guide, you'll get a basic understanding of software development & developers.

  • Software Developer Types

    What makes a frontend developer different from a backend developer? Software developers come in all shapes, sizes & skill levels. Find out what the right match is for what you need.

  • Networking & Interviewing

    Where do you even find software developers? How do you make sure they're good? Find out why hiring your neighbors' friend is probably not the best idea.

  • Negotiating & Hiring

    If you've found a developer, what happens next? Find out what they charge, how they get paid & how to protect yourself from poor quality developers.

There is no question that Griffin is an extremely sharp technical leader - one of the best in the field. I worked with Griffin for over a year on a large project for the military. His knowledge and expertise help him make swift and strong decisions. I would give my highest recommendation for Griffin’s work.
Aaron Ogan
Aaron Ogan
Principal at Stackwave
Griffin is a brilliant SW engineer who was always in demand by clients. Griffin is a dedicated professional - he is always willing to go the extra mile to help a customer or colleague. He is versatile, enjoyable to work with, and he gets the job done. It was a pleasure to work with Griffin and I would gladly work with him again.
Fern Schiff
Fern Schiff
VP at Cyrus Innovations
Through his expert writing and research, Griffin has emerged as a thought leader and continues to inform me and others on the promising technology trends and how best to leverage them to help businesses grow.
Steven Jones
Steven Jones
VP at SpringCM

A word from the Author

Hi, I'm Griffin Caprio and I'm the founder of Small Potatoes Studio, Inc. I founded Small Potatoes Studio to bring my experience building software to people just like you: people who have a great idea, but no idea how to build it or even where to begin.

I've been helping companies, large & small, build software for over 15 years. From websites to mobile applications and from Fortune 500 companies to mommy bloggers, I've done it all. The one common refrain I hear from everyone is that it's too hard to build software and to work with software developers. From not knowing where to look to what they charge to what to expect from them, it's a source of confusion for most people.

I'm here to change that.